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What are the differences between knitted fabrics and textile fabrics?

Release time:2020-09-10 Source:Dongguan pinkun Technology Co., Ltd

Soft fabric
  Soft fabrics are generally lighter and thinner, with good drape, smooth modeling lines, and natural stretch of clothing contours. Soft fabrics mainly include knitted fabrics and silk fabrics with scattered fabric structures, and soft linen fabrics. Soft knitted fabrics often use linear and concise shapes in clothing design to reflect the graceful curves of the human body; silk, linen and other fabrics are more loose and have pleated shapes, expressing the flow of fabric lines.
   Very cool fabric
  The cool fabric has clear lines and a sense of volume, which can form a plump clothing outline. Commonly used are cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy, linen, and various medium-thick wool and chemical fiber fabrics. This type of fabric can be used in designs that highlight the accuracy of clothing modeling, such as the design of suits and suits.
  Glossy fabric
  Glossy fabric has a smooth surface and can reflect bright light, giving it a shining feeling. Such fabrics include fabrics with satin structures. It is most often used in evening dresses or stage costumes to produce a gorgeous and dazzling strong visual effect. Glossy fabrics have wide styling freedom in dress performances, and they can have simple designs or more exaggerated styling methods.
  Heavy heavy fabric
  Thick and heavy fabrics are thick and scratchy, which can produce a stable modeling effect, including all kinds of thick woolen cloth and quilted fabrics. The fabric has a sense of physical expansion and should not be pleated and piled up too much. In the design, the A-type and H-type shapes are the most appropriate.
  Transparent fabric

  Transparent fabrics are light, thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effects. Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics, etc., such as georgette, satin silk, chemical fiber lace, etc. In order to express the transparency of the fabric, the commonly used lines are natural and full, and the H-shaped and round-table-shaped designs are full of changes.

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