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Ali and Wal-Mart’s "spoiler" clothing industry intelligent transformation looks beautiful

Release time:2020-10-16 Source:Dongguan pinkun Technology Co., Ltd

It is understood that Wal-Mart’s new brand will be launched in the United States in the near future. At the same time, its company website will also introduce ThredUp, one of the most well-known brands in the field of second-hand clothing sales. The latter will provide nearly 750,000 second-hand women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. Including Nike, Carter, Michael Coles and Calvin Klein.

   “Wal-Mart’s move is an opportunity to restructure its business by focusing on the epidemic, and at the same time it can expand its categories and extend customers’ spending power. It will be a good attempt,” Ma Gang said.

   Unlike Wal-Mart, Ali's approach to the apparel industry is to build an intelligent platform. It is understood that Ali’s Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing Platform uses clothing as an entry point to intelligently predict consumer demand through big data, and conduct intelligent design and production. At present, there are more than 200 Taobao small and medium-sized merchants, industry belt merchants, and live broadcast anchors sharing the rhino smart manufacturing factory. According to the goal of Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing, it will serve 100,000 fashion brands and 100,000 designers.

"At present, the clothing industry has a high degree of e-commerce, with e-commerce penetration of more than 30%, and C2F (consumer to factory) has a good foundation. Consumers already have it, but the factory still needs to be remodeled. This is also the reason why the giants have taken the initiative. More data can be de-intermediate, so that consumers can directly connect to the factory to complete the upgrade of supply." Ma Gang pointed out.

According to Yang Dayun, an investor in the fashion industry and CEO of Youyi International, “From the perspective of consumption structure, the online platform of clothing, cosmetics and other daily necessities accounted for a relatively high proportion of sales, and clothing accounted for a large proportion of Taobao platform sales. Therefore, Ali chose to Clothing is the entry point. From the perspective of future trends, the traditional clothing manufacturing industry will definitely transform to more efficient smart manufacturing. Ali is creating a template for the fashion industry."

“Alibaba’s information system is an expectation for the future. There is still a long way to go before it is truly intelligent. The current level can only make some T-shirts and pants standard products. For the creativity of fashion, any Big data cannot replace labor, and there is no way to fully intelligentize the garment manufacturing process." Yang Dayun said.

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